Friday, October 26, 2012

On being alone

As I run through the trees, jumping over roots and ducking under branches, the only sounds I hear are the crunching of the leaves under my feet and the breath leaving my body. There are no other people around for miles and miles. Suddenly, my heart feels heavy as I reflect on my life. This is not where I planned on being. Alone. I feel so alone. And angry. And exhausted. I raise my face to the heavens and tears stream down my cheeks. I kick at the rocks. I scream at the clouds.

The trees sway in the breeze and simply smile in response. The river gurgles and giggles back. The birds sing and rejoice. In a moment of clarity, it occurs to me that the world embraces me, just as I am, without judgment. It allows me to hurt. It allows me to love. I stand still and listen to what she tells me.

My heart opens, just a crack, like the shattered light from the sun through the trees. I allow myself to scream, to kick and to cry. Then, I laugh at myself. At the ridiculousness of all of it.

A young buck leaps over the trail in front of me at a height to clear my head. Further up the hill, a flock of wild turkeys wobble across my path causing me to chase them into the bushes and weeds.

I finish my run and stand in a field, warming my face against the sun. I look around and am overwhelmed by the life around me. I am surrounded by thousands of trees, billions of blades of grass, millions of wildflowers, leaping deer, sleeping coyotes and an immeasurable amount of life.

Even in the most remote places, I am enclosed by energy and life and love. I am never alone. I was never alone.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

OMG! It has been for...ever since I have blogged! The marathon was AWESOME! In spite of complete and total chaos, we raised $6000 to be donated to local shelters! Some of the money went to food and clothes for the women and kids, some went to shelter expenses and some went to gym memberships for the lovely ladies. One of the main focuses of OMO2F is to teach women how to respect their bodies and get healthly so that they are more likely to demand the respect they deserve and get away from abusive relationships. We have to take some of the responsibility onto ourselves. We can't change the assholes. But, we can respect ourselves enough to get away from them. You can't expect people to treat you good if you don't take care of yourself. Blah, blah, get the point.

In other news, Melissa Terwilliger is the new Assistant Race Director. She is an amazing ultrarunner (she won 024 and placed 5th USATF at BR100 this year!) and an amazing person. She is one of my favorite people on this planet, so I am super excited to have her on board for the up coming year.

Stay posted for news on OMO2F marathon 2013. The date will be April 20th and the course will be different, but still hills, suckas! We are NOT changing it to make it easier, so suck it up and start training!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunday Run Moving on Up!

The Sunday run is going to be at 10, on March 4th. We are doing 12 miles. We will run from Second Sole Kent (next to Starbuck's) to Dix Stadium and then go through campus on OMO2F route. Through downtown and out to Portage Bike and Hike. We will go out to Towner's Woods, do a 1/2 mile loop through the trees and head back on P B&H. Pretty flat and fast, water/potty stop at 4.5 and potty at 8.5.

Tuesday run is still at 6:30 from Second Sole and will be 5 miles. Cross the street after for deliciousness in liquid carbs to refuel :)

You DO NOT have to be signed up for marathon or have any intention, just come out and run. It is all about making Kent a healthier, more active community!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New group runs

So far the group runs have been awesome! The Tuesday night group has really grown...might have something to do with the amazing drafts from 101, which is across the street from Second Sole Kent. Tuesdays we meet at 6:30 and do 5-6 miles.

Sundays we meet at 1:00 at Second Sole Kent (104 S Lincoln). This Sunday, the 5th, we will be running 8 miles on the Portage Bike and Hike, which is part of the marathon route. Stick around and grab a cup of coffee from the 'Bux afterwards.

If you want to be added to the group run email, email me at and I will add you to the weekly message.

Come out and play!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Official Group Run

Okay, no more procrastinating! First "official" OMO2F run in Kent leaves Second Sole Kent parking lot at 6:30 next Tuesday (January 17th). All paces welcome. If you are slow, that is good because I will have someone to run with! We will do a 5 mile campus loop with easy directions. Stay after and have a nice hot cup of coffee at the 'Bucks.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Group Runs

The marathon is getting closer and closer, so we need to start training! I am going to have group runs every Tuesday and Sunday. The Tuesday run will be at 6 pm and the Sunday run at 1 pm to start. Tuesday will be about 5-6 miles and ALL speeds to welcome (slow is great because then I don't have to run alone ;)  ) Sunday will start off 5-6 miles and will build to become the "long run." Please email me with "group run" in the subject so I can keep you in the loop if you are interested. My email is