Monday, January 28, 2013

Back in the Groove

Ok, I know it's been cold and crappy lately, but NOW is peak time for training! If you are like me, those winter 5/10 pounds are getting annoying anyway. We are running every Thursday from Second Sole in Kent at 6:30. We run around town, campus and on the bike and hike. Then, we trot across the road to Bottles 101, which has the BEST beer in town fo' sho'! Saturday morning runs will resume 2/9. There is a group run page you can join for latest updates. 

The marathon is shaping up and we are getting some new sponsors this year. Second Sole is providing all the awards again and have been super supportive. Beckwith's is providing us their building so that you can be WARM after you are finished and sit down and eat. Bent Tree and Tree City are providing coffee and Laroush is providing food. You will be taken care of this year!